How much water should I drink per day

How much is it required to drink a day of water to improve your health, metabolic processes and general condition? The formula for calculating the optimal drinking norm.
In any recommendations on healthy balancednutrition and various recommendations to care for their appearance, for example, How to improve the complexion, there is one similarity. Everywhere is indicated about a sufficiently drunk volume of clean water.

However, opinions may differ, somebelieve that drinking water should be in the amount in which "asks" the body. Others argue that the optimal rate is at least 2.5-3 liters of fluid per day. Still others calculate the daily rate of the fluid by special formulas.

Immediately I note that all three options are correct insome share. Water is indeed a necessary daily resource for our body. After all, as is known from the school bench, we are more than a third of it composed of it, and even a minimal loss of the tenth rate may prove to be critical for a person.

Why should I drink water?

Over the years, water from the body is gradually eliminated,This is manifested in the form of aging and slowed-down metabolic processes. She is also responsible for the transport of nutritional elements that have entered the body, thermoregulation, elimination of toxic substances and dissolution of mineral salts.

For these reasons, it is important to observe sufficientwater balance, so that the bodies worked as efficiently as possible and did not fail. When there is not enough water for us, then we are experiencing serious health problems. First of all, it causes significant damage to the liver and kidneys, metabolic processes are slowed down, toxins and fats are formed, which leads to a multitude of diseases.

Lack of water can be felt at the mental level - depression, depression, fatigue, broken nervous central system, which, in the final analysis, can lead to a lethal outcome.

How much to drink water per day?

There are many ways to determine your own daily water rate, but I want to tell you about the most effective of them.

Method 1. Look closely at your urine. A light or transparent color indicates that you are drinking enough fluids.

Method 2. Pinch yourself behind the back of your hand. If the crease clears quickly and without any traces - the water balance in the cells is normal. If the fold does not disappear immediately - it is necessary to revise its drinking regime.

To determine the optimal daily water norm, it is necessary to take into account a number of individual factors:

The weight. The optimal average weight of a person is 60 kg. Any excess of the established norm by 20 kg increases the daily water norm by 200 grams, that is, at a weight of 80 kg it is necessary to drink 2200 g of water.
Age. Over the years, liver and kidney function worse, slowing metabolism and water shortage body begins to dehydrate. People in venerable age should increase their water rate by 500 g.
Breathing and physical activity. For every hour of any load, when you have a quick breathing, you need to drink 200 grams more water.
Humidity and air temperature. At temperatures above 25 degrees and low air humidity add to the total daily water norm of 300-500 g.
Pregnancy and lactation period. Representatives of the gentle sex in thisperiod requires as much as possible to drink fluids, because the baby needs it. Many believe that water dilutes milk, in fact it is not so and the child along with it will receive water, which is extremely necessary for the developing organism.
Acceptance of medications and illness. During illnesses, our body more than ever needs fluid. It helps to wash off microbes, melt slime, remove toxins, speed up metabolic processes and the process of recovery.
Consumption of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. This category of products greatly dehydrates the body and in order to restore the water balance it is necessary to increase the norm by an average of 200 g.

How much water to drink to lose weight?

Water accelerates and activates a variety of exchangeprocesses, which has a beneficial effect on digestive processes and leads to getting rid of fat deposits. So that water not only makes your body healthier, but also promotes a slim, well-built body, increase your daily allowance by 500 g.

When to drink water?

With any feeling of thirst;
Before starting physical exercises, in order to create a water reserve for the formation of sweat;
After 1.5-2.5 hours after a meal. It will protect against dehydration, provoked by the splitting of the food obtained and complete the digestive processes;
In the morning after awakening, to eliminate dehydration for a long night's rest (sleep).

How to drink water?

The body needs not just a liquid, but a clean onewater. Some believe that having drunk juice, coffee, compote, tea or soda they have a sufficient daily water rate. But think about it, because any living organism we feed with simple clean water.

For an experiment, try within 3 weekswater the house plant with soda. As a result, the plant will simply die. This is what happens to our poor cells, which do not receive simple water.

So, the water must be clean, without anyorganic compounds. In particular, this applies to chlorine, heavy salts, pesticides, nitrates, parasites, bacteria, etc. It must also be of medium hardness. Too soft or hard is not absorbed by our cells.

From the earliest times our ancestors forrecovery and rejuvenation of the body prepared melt water obtained from glacial rivers. Melt water promotes rejuvenation, clears from parasites and slags, positively influences water exchange and strengthens the immune system. Washing with melt water perfectly refreshes and young skin.

How to prepare melt water?

I hasten to please you, that melt water can be easilycook in domestic household conditions. 3-liter jar of water fill with water from the tap, leave for several hours, preferably in the sun. After removing the water in the freezer, cover the neck with a lid.

Water should not be frozen completely, but to form a small ball of unfrozen liquid inside. That's it and you need to drink, and everything else is dirty water.