9 Golden rules of an economical beauty

The abundance of beauty products and a variety of salon services can lead to a blind alley, even the most knowledgeable beauty, who will torment himself with the question: "Buy" or "Do not buy." I present to your attention nine golden rules of an economical beauty.

Regularly look after yourself. If you do not run your hands, skin condition, hair and body, then you will need to resort to special salon procedures, but enough to maintain beauty with conventional cosmetics or home recipes, for example on the basis of eggs quail.
The same cosmetics in different places will cost absolutely differently. The fact is that in expensive supermarkets expensive rent as opposed to simple supermarkets and shops.
Home staining. In fact, dyeing hair (if it's not coloring, two-toned, melioration or any other coloring) is not so difficult, but it is also possible and significantly saves the budget. Try to choose the color closest to your natural tone, in which case you will generally buy paint every two to four months.
Before making any purchases, make a list, because from the variety of goods on the shelves of the store, eyes literally run up and most importantly, it's hard to resist all this temptation.
To less often go to the hairdresser, choose a simple hairstyle, because the shorter the hair and the creative haircut, the more you need to update the form.
Watch for stocks and if this tool is really necessary and useful, then, do not hesitate to purchase.
Look for free schools for training salon employees. In such places you will be provided with free manicure, haircuts, make-up, styling, pedicure and other services.
For each day, choose a perfume based on oils,In fact alcoholic toilet water much more quickly disappears from what during the day it is necessary to "update" the aroma. And oil spirits stay much longer, and they need to be applied much less.
In fact, advertising advice, on buyingLarge packages are really useful. First, you will save some of the funds, secondly, you will use it longer, and you will not have to buy this or that tool every month.