19 useful and wise advice for yourself

Have you ever heard your favorite phrasePsychologists that life changes need to start with yourself, namely - to fall in love. 19 Below described tips will help you to love yourself and recharge your happy mood.

Give up all the activities and hobbies that do not bring you pleasure and benefit
In the store choose only quality products, because you deserve only the best!
New fragrance. Sometimes a completely new fragrance that you like can instantly raise your spirits even in the most rainy day
Give yourself a set of the most chic beautiful underwear
Eliminate or try to reduce communication to a minimum with people in whose company you are experiencing negative emotions
Brightness in make-up. During the make-up, use bright shades, lipstick or eyeliner and see how during the day you are in an elevated mood, the whole secret is in the brightness of the color, which at a subconscious level reminds us of femininity and beauty
At least five times in seven days, give at least twenty-five minutes for active training, for example, walking
Forgive others and yourself
Add a yellow color to your image. After all, this bright sunny shade is associated with a warm, affable sun
Organize a date with ... by yourself. It may seem strange, but try to arrange such a date and trust your own feelings for a few hours and do what you like - going to the movies, cafes, theater, dinner in a restaurant, etc.
Red. This is another color capable of charging positive energy. The most stylish and best way to use this shade is lipstick
Take a bath with candles and aromatic oils
Finally, dare to act, which you have caused fear or any embarrassment
Tell the dearest, beloved person what feelings he has for you and how grateful you are to him for it
Stop complaining about yourself and the world around you
Organize a picnic in the park with your favorite book and basket of fruit
Make a list of all your positive aspects, you can even hang it in the most prominent place, to read it and fill it up more often
On a day off, completely disconnect from mobile and internet connection and devote time to yourself or friends
Forever get rid of thoughts: "I'm fat," "I'm not lucky ...", "I can never ...", etc.